Friday, June 29, 2012

The Shocking Truth About Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis Questions Answered

What I’m about tell you about Multiple Sclerosis is going to shock you and probably make you mad that no has told you what I’m going to tell you.
People diagnosed with MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS that take immuno-therapy drugs…many (if not most of them) just don’t get better.

Don’t believe me?

Take a few hours and join some different online discussion groups and chat rooms for people diagnosed with MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS. If you haven’t done this…you’re in a for a rude awakening.

These multiple sclerosis groups and chat rooms are littered with hundreds and thousands of lost souls—who are taking the drugs just like they’re supposed to….and still have all the same symptoms—plus some new ones.

Such As:

• Crushing
• Fatigue
• Stiffness
• Incredible Pain
• Slurring Words
• Brain Fog
• Clumsiness
• Can’t Find Words (Words On Tip Of Their Tongue)
• Memory Loss
• Urinary Incontinence
• Dizziness and Vertigo

And don’t bother quoting multiple sclerosis research statistics from studies funded by drug companies. The REAL drug trials happen when hundreds of thousands of MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS sufferers get prescribed these things.
Be honest with yourself…how many different drugs have you been on? 3? 5? 7?
Isn’t that why you’re reading this right now? You know you need to do something different about your multiple sclerosis.
Look, I understand that you’re scared…
I know what happens when you’re first diagnosed with MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS.
I’d bet a thousand dollar bill that your medical doctor put the fear of God in you, didn’t he?
Did he tell you you’d be in a diaper if you didn’t take the drugs? You’d be in a wheelchair in a matter of months if you didn’t do exactly as he said?
So of course you’re terrified of NOT taking the drugs for multiple sclerosis. But if the drugs were really the key, then why do you STILL have the symptoms of MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS?
As a side note--I do believe that these multiple sclerosis doctors believe that they are doing the right thing, but the sad truth is that many so-called multiple sclerosis experts know absolutely NOTHING about how to help MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS without drugs. Zilch. Zero.
That was the bad news. Here’s the good news…
In the next few minutes I’m going to reveal some closely guarded secrets to you they can help solve the puzzle of MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS …using my Program.
Why am I able to help people with multiple sclerosis, when you’ve been told just to live with it? Or “try THIS drug, maybe it will work better than the others you’ve tried?”
Pretty simple. I do things differently.
What makes my approach different?
To begin, what makes me different from every other neurologist, rheumatologist, Internist and GP you’ve see to try to feel good again is my treatment philosophy…
Treat the person, not their diagnosis.
Why would I say that?
Well people are mis-diagnosed every day with everything from cancer to strep throat.
And you should know, autoimmune conditions like MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS are some of the most mis-managed, misunderstood and flat-out bungled problems in health care.
The second reason I say Treat the Person no their diagnosis is that a “diagnosis” is just a label. It’s generic—and really not helpful, as you’ll see in just a second.
A traditional diagnosis label of “Multiple Sclerosis” just isn’t good enough.
Think about it, all that multiple sclerosis label is saying is that you have a set of symptoms….the label is not describing WHY you have the symptoms. …its NOT explaining what has gone wrong.
Haven’t you ever wondered.. “Why is my body acting this way?”
It's just like if you came to me and said, “I’ve been diagnosed with Migraine headaches. Help me.”
Ok, great. There’s about 50 reasons you could have migraine headaches. That label gives us a place to start. The label is the beginning, not the end.
It’s not like I can turn to the “migraine” page in a book and know exactly what to do.
And you can’t just turn to the multiple sclerosis chapter of a book and see the 3 things to do for every person.
I know that sounds silly…but that is EXACTLY how you’ve been treated, isn’t it? Get an MRI. Take this drug. How do you feel? Get an MRI. Take a different drug…keep repeating for drugs 3, 4,5,6 and 7.
My practice is different.
---In my practice I take a functional approach…I make a functional diagnosis.
Here’s what I mean…Multiple Sclerosis is an IMMUNE SYSTEM problem…so I want to determine exactly HOW your immune system is working. How is it functioning? Or mal-functioning? What caused your multiple sclerosis?
Fortunately, you CAN test your immune system and find out.
—I have a program—a drug free program—that can help you….finally give you the relief you’ve been longing for. It’s very simple, there are 4 parts to my program.
    • Diet
    • Lifestyle
    • Supplementation
    • Brain Based Rehab
-Diet simply means that you WILL have to change what, when and how you’re eating. If you’re not willing to do that…stop reading right now.
People accepted into my Program get extremely detailed guidance on diet. What to eat…what NOT to eat…shopping lists….menus…
-Lifestyle means sleep, how you handle stress, appropriate exercise…I guide my practice members by the hand and show the exactly how to get deep, restful sleep….how to teach their body to RELAX and de-stress….I show them exactly which exercises they should do, how much and how often..or even if exercise is appropriate at all.
-Supplementation means that I use very specific natural, drug-free supplements to help correct the imbalances and shift your body back to normal again.
-Brain-Based Rehab uses a large menu of sensory stimulations, cognitive activities and special physical movements to target and strengthen the specific parts of your brain and nervous system that have been weakened by the MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS.
Let me explain how and why I busted my butt to create this Multiple Sclerosis Program for people like you….
My first passion is Functional Neurology.
Functional neurology is a specialized approach to looking at the brain and nervous system.
Science has shown us in the last twenty years that if you give the brain the correct stimulation, it can improve, change, re-mold, grow new connections.
For many years, I used this to exclusively treat people with chronic health problems.
By using this Brain-Based approach, we were helping people turn around their lives, giving them a chance to live a normal life again, even after countless doctors and specialists had given up.
Sounds great, right?
But there was one group of patients that kept seeking my help but I just didn’t get the same degree of stellar results…
You guessed it…people with MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS.
These people were desperate…I could instantly see it their eyes and on their faces.
The needed someone to listen to them. To take the time it was going to take to get to the bottom of their problem…finally.
Honestly, I got frustrated and ticked off. At myself and at all the so-called “specialists” these men and women had wasted their time with.
I vowed that I was going to find a way to help these souls who were in medical limbo.
This led me on a journey to find what I was missing.
A few days after I made that vow, I made an important personal discovery.
I looked at myself in the mirror one day and I realized I had been making a HUGE mistake….
As it dawned on me…I could feel it in the pit of my stomach (you know that feeling?). Something BIG was about to happen—
I was doing what everyone else was trying to do….
I was looking at the human body like it was a bunch of little compartments.
I was focused on symptoms…chasing them…but not really UNDERSTANDING how the immune system worked and how it could go wrong. And not just the immune system, but the GI system, endocrine, nervous system….all of them.
If I was going to live up to my word---and help these people (young and older) feel energetic, vibrant and fulfilled---I was going to have to understand and investigate ALL of these systems, AT THE SAME TIME.
So I spent thousands of hours studying , the immune system, the digestive systems, hormones, the nervous system…
It was this intense study of physiology, neurology, and immunology that led to my greatest discovery...
Multiple Sclerosis can’t be solved by taking medications.
I know…I felt like I was thinking something that was so “out of the box” –like blasphemy almost---so radical that the Medical Police would come and arrest me.
Well that never happened.
What did happen is that these people I had been struggling like hell to help…they got better. Their crushing fatigue, the depression, brain fog and memory loss...they all got better.
Here’s why you taking these multiple sclerosis medications is pretty much guaranteed to disappoint you and frustrate you and make you want to give up. And what I’m about to tell you totally confuses 99% of Medical Doctors and Alternative Medicine doctors…
Blood sugar levels, anemia, adrenal gland health, GI infections, food sensitivities, thyroid function, cortisol, inflammation—all of these affect Multiple Sclerosis.
Have your other doctors ever investigated ANY of these factors? If you were seeing an “Alternative” doctor, Maybe one or possibly two on that list got checked..and even then barely.
I check every ONE of those factors (and more) when I’m helping a person with Multiple Sclerosis.
Let me explain why the MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS medications are a dead end.
I’m going to help you understand how your immune system works and how it went wrong to cause you to have multiple sclerosis….
You’re about to get more multiple sclerosis education than most of the doctors you’ve been to. Just click on the link below...

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