Wednesday, November 21, 2012

High Levels Of LDL Cholesterol Better For Living Healthy Lives!

High Levels Of LDL Cholesterol Better For Living Longer, Healthier Lives!

The Japan Society for Lipid Nutrition has drawn up new guidelines stating that high cholesterol levels are better for living longer, defying conventional wisdom.
Research is now disproving those that state the LDL Cholesterol is BAD Cholesterol Myth!
In 2007, the Japan society set diagnostic criteria for hyperlipemia, or elevated levels of lipids in the bloodstream, flagging LDL cholesterol levels of at least 140 mg/dl and HDL levels less than 40 mg/dl as dangerous for both men and women. To explain why they set the levels as they did they stated:
"According to domestic and foreign research, the higher LDL levels become, the more arterial stiffening advances. Correspondingly, incidence of heart disease also rises. We concluded that LDL cholesterol levels more than 140 mg/dl could easily cause heart disease," said Hirotsugu Ueshima, professor emeritus at Shiga University of Medical Science, who devised the atherosclerosis society's criteria.
However, Tomohito Hamazaki, a professor at Toyama University's Institute of Natural Medicine, who, in fact, compiled the new cholesterol levels guidelines for the Japan Society for Lipid Nutrition, countered Ueshima's argument.
"When examining all causes of death, such as cancer, pneumonia and heart disease, the number of deaths attributable to LDL cholesterol levels exceeding 140 mg/dl is less than people with lower LDL cholesterol levels." –Prof. Tomohito Hamazaki
The lipid nutrition society guidelines do not posit new criteria, but Hamazaki cited some study results to prove his thesis.
According to a eight-year study of about 26,000 men and women in Isehara, Kanagawa Prefecture, the death rate of men whose LDL cholesterol levels were between 100 mg/dl and 160 mg/dl was low, while the rate rose for those with LDL cholesterol levels of less than 100 mg/dl!
The LDL figures exhibited less influence on women, but the death rate still rose for women with LDL cholesterol levels less than 120 mg/dl.
A separate study of 16,850 patients nationwide who had suffered a cerebral stroke showed the death rate for people with hyperlipemia (high blood fatty acid levels) from a cerebral stroke was lower, and their symptoms more slight than those whom had lower lipid levels.
"Cholesterol is an essential component for the creation of cell membranes and hormones. It's not recommended to lower LDL figures by means of dietary intake and medication," stated Hamazaki.
Additional differences exist between men and women's LDL figures.
"When women reach menopause, their cholesterol figures rise sharply, yet do not affect the arteriosclerosis process or development of heart diseases. At the very least, cholesterol criteria is not necessary for women," -Hiroyuki Tanaka, director of Niko Clinic in Takeo, Saga Prefecture.
This study, along with other studies, leads one to the conclusion that optimal LDL levels are within the 120-160 mg/dl range.
The body needs LDL in the healing process for things such as Autoimmune Diseases, Heart Attacks and Strokes. Why would you ever want to hinder the healing processes of the human body?
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