Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Paralysis and Neuropathy Cured Using Functional Neurology

Peripheral Neuropathy And Paralysis Cured On Video!

Peripheral Neuropathy causes devastation, not only to those afflicted with it, but also to those that love them.

Are you or a loved one burdened by neuropathy that has taken over the control of your ability to be happy and productive?

 There Is Hope For Your Recovery From Neuropathy!

This young lady felt much the same as you, stricken with peripheral neuropathy, paralyzed in one leg and hopeless.

She spent 2 years of her life searching for someone to give her an answer that would allow for her to return back to the life she once led. However, each time she would be seen by these so called “specialists” she was given a prescription for mind altering anti-depressants and seizure drugs to cope with the symptoms, but never given any hope for a cure!

She Was At That Point Of Giving Up!
Then, one day, someone told her about the amazing results being achieved through Functional Neurology and that there was a doctor by the name of  Dr. Walter K. Crooks, who was an expert in this field of science.

The man went on to explain the amazing results Dr. Crooks was achieving with the most difficult of peripheral neuropathy cases. He confessed that he too had been one of Dr. Crooks' many success stories. Just as with most chronic health patients, he had been pushed aside and told to learn to live with the neuropathy because there was no cure.

With a skeptical view of this "too good to be true" neuropathy specialist, this young lady in the above video made an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Crooks. During this appointment she explained in detail what had led up to her being paralyzed.

She had broken her lower back in an accident 2 years prior, which resulted in a severe nerve root injury that left her left leg paralyzed along with the peripheral neuropathy of her ankle, foot and toes.

She went on to explain that even before her emergency surgery, the surgeon explained to her that she would never walk again without the assistance of a wheelchair or walker and she must wear a special leg splint known as an AFO.


As the video shows, 3 days into her treatment, she had the use of her foot and leg again. Within the next 2 weeks she was totally free of her wheelchair and 4 point walker and able to walk in sandals.

It is understandable, after all she endured, that her ability to trust anyone with her health was almost non-existant. Fortunately for her, Dr. Walter K. Crooks understands this about these type of patients that are stricken with chronic conditions that have been labeled as incurable.

For this reason, Dr. Crooks allows for his results to speak for his knowledge of the nervous, endocrine, immune and digestive systems of the human body. 

By harnessing our own bodies ability to heal, coupled with, the natural, medicinal and life-sustaining health products which come forth from the earth, both of which are gifts given to us by God, Dr. Walter K. Crooks is blessed to have results, such as those in the above video, on a seemingly weekly basis.

If you have been told that there is no hope for your own chronic health condition, don't let the negativitiy you have endured up and to this point in time keep you from what may be your own freedom from whatever it is that has been controlling your health and your happiness.

Watch the video as Suzie regains her ability to move her ankle, foot and toes and overcomes her paralysis and peripheral neuropathy.

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