Saturday, December 1, 2012

Peripheral Neuropathy Kills Your Nerves!

Peripheral Neuropathy Can Kill You!

    Do you suffer with the following symptoms?
  1. Numbness in the feet, legs, hands and/or arms.
  2. Tingling hands tingling feet feelings.
  3. Burning hand, burning feet sensations.
  4. Electric shock hands pain and electric shock feet pain.
  5. Shooting hand pain and shooting feet pain and/or Stabbing like hand pains and stabbing like feet pain.
  6. Inability to achieve or sustain erections.
  7. Extreme sensitivity to touch, even light touch.
  8. Lack of coordination.
  9. Bowel or bladder problems.

Peripheral Neuropathy usually begins long before the person afflicted ever realizes that they have a problem. The brain inhibits our ability to perceive these first symptoms.

Most commonly, Peripheral Neuropathy starts in the longest nerves, the ones that reach to your toes. Symptoms vary, depending on which types of nerves are affected.

However, as time passes and the damage accumulates the symptoms become much more pronounced and the brain must allow for the warning signs to be acknowledged.

What confuses most doctors about Peripheral Neuropathy is that each patient will describe their symptoms in their own individual language of pain.
This can easily become unsettling to any doctor not trained in the recognition and treatment of the various Peripheral Neuropathy symptoms, especially someone whom, instead of focusing on Peripheral Neuropathy, becomes spread thin due to their treating many different and varied types of health disorders, basically seeing anything that walks into their office.

This makes it next to impossible for these doctors to realize and appreciate that these different patient subjective complaints are really all about the same problem, that being Peripheral Neuropathy.

So, in the end it is you, the patient that pays the price. You begin to shuffle from doctor to doctor, being given ever stronger, and more dangerous drugs, until you are completely drugged and so out of it that you are unable to function in the same capacity as before, not unlike a person addicted to common street drugs.

 I do things differently than any of these specialists that you have seen for your Peripheral Neuropathy.

To find out what has been called "miraculous by my patients visit my Peripheral Neuropathy website and watch the videos to learn how you too may achieve a life free from the pain and misery that peripheral neuropathy brings.
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