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Dizziness Treatment Success in Houston

Is dizziness or vertigo making your life miserable?

• Wouldn’t you like to try out a dizziness treatment plan and see if it’s right for you?

• How many times in your search for answers has a doctor “put his money where his mouth is”?

• Isn’t it time to quite being "taken for a ride to nowhere" and finally get on a track to a recovery?

Well, if you have read the above few questions and feel that they are exactly what you have been asking yourself, then you just may be ready to find out answers and get real and lasting results for your dizziness/vertigo/balance disorder right here in the Houston, Texas area.

I get asked on a daily basis how in the world can I be so sure of my treatment that I am able to offer free, no obligation treatments? You see, the answer to that is I do research, not marketing research, but real, scientific research into the causes and treatments for dizziness.

When it comes to chronic health conditions our medical system is woefully inadequate, to be honest, research from WHO (The World Health Organization) puts the U.S. at first in acute care, such as trauma, however, when it comes to these chronic conditions we place about 50th in the world! That’s even behind many 3rd world countries!

Have you found yourself asking any or all of the following questions?

• Why do I have dizziness?

• Why doesn't my dizziness simply go away?

• Why can't I just be like normal people?

• How bad can this dizziness get?

• Will I eventually be confined to a wheelchair, or my bed?

• Will I ever be able to live the life I used to?

Nothing Is Worse Than Feeling Great Mentally, Wanting To Take In All Life Has To Offer...Only To Have Your Natural Enthusiasm and Drive Squashed Because Your Dizziness Just Won't Go Away!

Isn't it sad to feel so alive and full of vigor, and not be able to do all the things you want because your dizziness is so pervasive, so intruding, and so unfair?

Don't you feel downright angry because this problem, these symptoms, just won't go away?

If you do, it's only normal. After all, who wants to be burdened with carrying a load of discomfort and living life through an all-encompassing fog of dizziness? A dizziness

It's natural for people to try to tough it out and get on with their lives. 'If I ignore it long enough, it will go away..." Unfortunately, too often this isn't the case.

Ignoring your dizziness can only make it worse over time. What was only a mild dizziness a month ago may become a chronic, crippling dizziness years down the road.

See, the bad thing about any balance disorder is that it sneaks up on you. The real cause of the dizziness that you're feeling right now may have happened years ago.

It may have been such a small injury you may not have noticed it. Or maybe you felt a slight light-headedness, but it went away after a day or week so you didn't think anything of it.

And slowly, over the years, as you continued to do your normal activities, that problem has secretly gotten worse and worse without you being aware of it.

After a time, the straws slowly built up until one day they broke the camel's back. Maybe what finally put you over the edge was that heavy chair you tried to lift, or that time you bent over too quick, or any one of a hundred things.

Whatever it was,

--The Fact Is, You Are Suffering From With Dizziness--

And You Don't Have To Suffer Anymore!

So what do you do? What choices do you have? See, you wouldn't have requested this special report if you weren't experiencing some type of dizziness. We know you may have already tried getting some relief from over-the-counter drugs, or you may have met with your private doctor and he prescribed meclizine, which is really meant for treating vomiting and nausea, NOT vertigo or dizziness!

Most doctors will treat YOUR dizziness with medications or exercises, and if those treatments don’t work, they will probably tell you to… “LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT!”

Don't get me wrong. Sometimes meds can help tremendously, as can protocols such as physical therapy. Head exercises or Epley’s maneuver does work, and I even use it in my office with certain dizziness patients. In some instances, I've even sent some of my own patients to a physical therapist when I thought it was necessary. Unfortunately, when it comes to most cases of dizziness, medications or exercises simply don’t work!

In Mathematical Terms:
Wrong Diagnosis + Wrong Treatment =

You see, the reason behind this goes all the way back to your doctor's ability to diagnose the true cause of your dizziness. If your doctor cannot clearly identify what's causing your dizziness, then the instructions he gives to the physical therapist don't stand a chance of working. It's like trying to bake a cake with the recipe for chocolate chip cookies.

Most medical treatments for dizziness only focus on removing symptoms. For instance, medications may make you feel better for a short time, but the dizziness will still be there when they wear off. Also, you are left open to potentially dangerous side effects. Other treatments, such as head or eye exercises, are ineffective if they stem from a misdiagnosis. That is to say, your doctor could be treating the wrong side of your body.

You may have been told by a doctor, “You may just have to learn to live with some dizziness for the rest of your life…”

Believe it or not, these words are spoken all around the country every day. Maybe they've even been spoken to you. To have a surgeon cut you open is a pretty drastic decision. You know you don't want this option. There are too many questions: What if they're wrong? What if my problem doesn't go away? What if it gets worse?

These things happen all the time. In fact,

Inner Ear Surgery Is Often The Most Ineffective

Form Of Treatment for Dizziness!

And to top it all off, each time you go under the knife, you need to face the small but potential risk of going under anesthesia, getting an infection or NOT WAKING UP! (Happens to 1/10,000…don’t be that one!)

Listen! You may not have to live with this--you DO have other options! You may not have to be on sleep-inducing drugs to keep the dizziness under control! You may not have to get used to feeling like you are a drunken sailor. You should not have to alter your lifestyle because of your disorder!

There is a better option! And luckily for YOU, I am offering these 2 free visits to…

Discover If One of The Safest, Quickest, And Most Successful Treatments For Dizziness Will Work For YOU!

This is the most advanced, scientifically correct treatment there is.

You see, this method doesn't just sweep dizziness under the rug; it treats the REAL cause of your dizziness.

Because the source of your vertigo is being taken away, you'll quickly be out of the woods, possibly permanently!

Like any truly advanced form of healing, this method works with your body's own natural healing powers (that's right, with some help your body can take care of itself!) to put you back to where you were before you were ever stricken with dizziness!

Isn't that how health care should be delivered in the first place? Don't you agree?

Now, don't think that because my methods are non-drug and non-surgical they are old-fashioned or low-tech. No way! What we're talking about is a very sophisticated natural protocol to treat the problems in your cerebellum and inner ear that you have developed and can't get rid of. We won’t cut you open and view the back part of your brain under a microscope, but what we do is at the forefront of natural health care and could dramatically enhance the quality of your life!



So if you're experiencing symptoms, have been treated with little or no improvement, or want to compare our opinion to the care you're currently receiving, please,
CALL US RIGHT NOW at 281-812-8101

Our appointment calendar fills up fast – so don't procrastinate. If you're concerned, make that call to us now.

What do you have to lose? Why not finally get better?

Either way, we wish you good luck, with a bright future, shining in the light of excellent health!

Dizziness Treatment Houston


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