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Autoimmune Disease Control

Autoimmune Attack:
What Goes Wrong When The Body Attacks Its Self?

Th1 and Th2: The Balancing Act:

Th1 (cell-mediated immunity) and Th2 (humoral immune response) are two areas of the human immune response. In a healthy body, there is balance between the Th1 (T-cell) and Th2 (B-cell) parts of our immune system.

Imagine a child’s teeter-totter with it balanced and both ends are the same height off of the ground.

Our immune system must discriminate between self-tissue and non-self tissue. Regulatory T-cells (Treg) are responsible for preventing immune system attacks against our own healthy tissue.

During times of infections or pregnancy, messengers known as Cytokines, down regulate Treg, which in turn allows our immune system warriors to launch an attack by shifting the system in either Th1 or Th2 dominance.

After the fighting is over and the threat is over Treg cells once again suppress these systems, allowing for the immune system to return to equilibrium.

When a person is Autoimmune, the Th1 or Th2 response has become dysregulated and is no longer under the control of the Treg cells. In effect the system has gone “Rogue”.

The system has shifted into perpetual dominance and it is running wild, unable to distinguish between healthy self-tissue and the non-self tissue, it begins to attack our own tissue.

Again, picture the child’s teeter-totter but now it has a big kid on one side and a small kid on the other side. The big kid weighs more and so the teeter-totter is now all the way to the ground on his side, he is the dominant side, the small child is way up in the air because he is much lighter so now he can not express himself with any movement of the teeter-totter back down to neutral.

Autoimmune conditions can be mediated!

Returning the two systems to equilibrium has given relief to many patients.

We have developed specific dietary protocols that modulate the immune response. This coupled with specific supplementation to enhance and optimize the immune system’s response, which allows for healthy regulation and returning of the system to a more balanced state.
One important thing we determine is what shift your immune system has done. What is its dominance?

If you are found to be Th1 dominant it is mandatory that you not ingest compounds that stimulate the Th1 system further, such as:

• Echinacea
• Garlic
• Vitamin C
• Immune stimulants
• Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza
• Astragalus
• Beta-glucan mushroom
• Maitake mushroom (Grifola frondosa)

If you are found to be Th2 dominant it is mandatory that you not ingest compounds that stimulate the Th2 system further, such as:

• Caffeine
• Green Tea
• Grape Seed Extract
• Herbal Barks
• Lycopene
• Resveratrol
• Pycnogenol
• Caffeine

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