Thursday, October 11, 2012

Study Proves Again That Vaccinations Don't Work!

Children Who Receive The Flu Vaccine Have Three Times Increased Risk Of Hospitalization For The Flu!
The inactivated flu vaccine is not effective in preventing influenza-related hospitalizations in children!

According to research presented at the 105th International Conference of the American Thoracic Society in San Diego, a child that is vaccinated for the flu has 3 TIMES the chance of being hospitalized for flu than do their non-vaccinated peers!

Even though there had never been a study prior to this one, on children and the efficacy of the flu vaccine, the Center For Disease Control’s (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommended annual influenza vaccinations for all children aged six months to 18 years.

So, in order to determine whether the flu vaccine is effective in reducing the number of hospitalizations caused by the flu, researchers from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, lead by Dr. Avni Joshi, M.D., conducted a cohort study of children over the past consecutive 8 years of flu seasons, the results of which caused a shock wave of denial and lies from the vaccine industry.

Based on results of this study, Dr. Joshi was forced to conclude that children who had received the flu vaccine had THREE TIMES THE RISK OF HOSPITALIZATIONS, as compared to children who had not received the vaccine. In asthmatic children, there was a significantly higher risk of hospitalization in subjects who received the vaccine, as compared to those who did not.

When trying to determine if other factors contributed to this increased harm done by the vaccine, no other measured factors—such as insurance plans, socio-economic condition or severity of asthma—had any affect on the risk of hospitalization.

In Plain English, The Vaccines Made The Children Get Severe Flu!

Isn’t that the exact opposite of what they claim these poison filled syringes are supposed to be doing? 

The CDC continues to recommend the flu vaccine for children from 6 months old to 18 years old, knowing that it does no good at all and in the end it causes much harm!

In their usual cover-up to protect the psudo-scientific garbage known as vaccination science, Dr.  Avni Joshi, M.D. made the following statement: 
"While these findings do raise questions about the efficacy of the vaccine, they do not, in fact, implicate it (flu vaccines) as a cause of hospitalizations."
Really? Then what would be the causative factor, since your team even tried to find some other reason to blame for the outcome of this study...Reminds me of that saying, if it quacks like a.....

Proof positive that money is truly the root of man's most evil of intentions, when those whom we entrust to protect us instead betray us with a kiss for 30 pieces of silver with full knowledge and intent, actively sacrifice our children's health and lives for greed and power!

2011-2012 Texas Vaccine Exemption Information

The State of Texas, by law, grants and acknowledges the right of parents to exempt their children from vaccination requirements for day care, school, and college for reasons of conscience including a religious belief or for medical reasons. 
In 2003, the Texas legislature passed changes to the statutes expanding the reasons a parent can claim an exemption, however the Health Department has suspiciously increased the bureaucratic red tape necessary for claiming the exemption.  
There are specific procedures for requesting an official state form and submitting it to the school or for completing a medical exemption. These all take some time to do, so please don't wait until the last minute to get your papers in order. 

For help and instructions on what you must do to exercise your rights as an American citizen to not poison your child go to:

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