Friday, November 9, 2012

A Miracle Cure Has Been Found: The Blind Can See... If Proper Questions Asked!

Health Questions That Deserve Answers!

Find Answers For TheseQuestions...

•Why would all babies be forcibly vaccinated at birth for Hepatitis B when this liver disease is known to be transmitted by sex and IV drug use?
•Why are children now given 69 doses of various vaccines by the age of 18?

•Have vaccines been proven safe and effective?

•Where are studies that herd immunity is proven outcome of Vaccines?

•What is the most profitable expansion market and who is the most compliant patient population available to the competition-saturated pharmaceutical industry, and why?

•What is thimerosal and what are its health risks? Is it still in vaccines?

•Do flu shots increase mortality and morbidity in any patient population?

•Are repetitive flu vaccines in the elderly associated with Alzheimer's?

•Can vaccines cause sterility?

•Is there a causal relationship between vaccines and autism/ADHD?

•Why are there so many children on psychiatric drugs?

•Is there any empirical, scientific evidence for diagnosing a psychiatric illness?

•What categories of drugs make the most money for Pharma? What categories fill the most prescriptions? Why?

•Why did Hitler put fluoride in the water of the Nazi concentration camps?

•Why is there a warning on a toothpaste tube to call poison control if more than a pea-sized amount of toothpaste is swallowed or systemically ingested?

•What is fluorosis? Why are there warnings against the use of fluoridated water to dilute baby formulas?

•Why is there a campaign to discredit organic food?

•What are GMOs? What health risks do they pose?

•How can pesticides cause cancer, psychiatric disorders, and genetic and organ damage?

•Why is there an ongoing campaign to outlaw/regulate alternative health care methodologies and treatments?

•Who has access to prey upon and profit from our kids and WHERE and HOW do they most frequently gain total access?

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