Monday, November 5, 2012

Shorten Your Life With Chemo!

Quack Science Alert: Chemotherapy Causes Cancer!

Medical researchers are finally starting to admit that toxic chemotherapy drugs do absolutely nothing to cure cancer, and often cause the cancer patient to die much more quickly than they otherwise would have because of these so-called "treatments."
Cancer Causing Chemotherapy
Dr. Deborah Schrag from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston and her colleagues let the cat out of the bag in a recent study they published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), which revealed that most cancer patients have no idea that their disease will never be cured as a result of chemotherapy.
According to the study's findings, as many as 69 percent of terminally ill lung cancer patients and 81 percent of terminally ill colorectal patients have no idea that chemotherapy drugs are totally incapable of curing their cancers. Though they are said to potentially help some cancer patients live slightly longer lives, chemotherapy drugs admittedly do not stop the growth or spread of cancer cells and tumors, which means many of the patients who opt for the treatment are not being told the full truth about its major shortcomings.
Often left out of the discussions between oncologists and their patients is the fact that patients who somehow survive their cancers following chemotherapy poisoning do so IN SPITE OF the treatment, and not because of it.
Poisoning the body with chemicals via chemotherapy only ends up destroying the immune system, causing tumors to grow back and bodily organs to shut down, which obviously shortens their lifespan rather than lengthening it.
Back in August, it was revealed that chemotherapy actually fuels the growth of cancer cells, contradicting many decades' worth of medical lies that continue to claim chemotherapy targets cancer cells for destruction. Any chance the body would have otherwise had for recovery, is all but eliminated as a result of chemotherapy, a “treatment” which literally destroys the body's own innate, cancer-targeting immune factors.

Shorten Your Life With Chemo!
According to Dr. Hossein Borghaei, an oncologist from the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, "There is a lot of harm in not having patients understand the finality of the disease, [Chemotherapy drugs] are very powerful, they have a lot of side effects, the chemotherapy is going to harm you more than it helps you, and it can actually shorten your life. All of this should be taken into account."
Dr. Borghaei's statements are chilling because they affirm what natural health care providers have been saying for quite some time:  
Chemotherapy is nothing but a sham "treatment" that puts cancer patients through needless pain and suffering while making the cancer industry rich.
 Perhaps the most disturbing part about this now-normalized form of medical quackery is that oncologists typically fail to disclose to their patients the fact that chemotherapy does not even cure cancer, which gives them false hope.

"[T]raditional (cancer) therapies like surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation do not destroy the small number of cells driving the cancer's growth," said the University of Michigan (UM)'s Comprehensive Cancer Center recently, following the release of several other studies showing that conventionally-accepted cancer treatments are a complete failure.”
This researching further confirms what we've known for years in the holistic health community: Chemotherapy is, flatly stated, just POISON. It's not "treatment," it's not medicine, and it's not prevention or a cure. It's poison with virtually no medicinal value except in perhaps one to two percent of cancer cases.

Chemotherapy Is Medical Fraud.


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