Saturday, May 31, 2014

Root Canals: A Risk Factor For Future Cancer

Root Canals Link To Cancer

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We health practitioners familiar with the principles of biological dentistry have long known about the link between dental problems and degenerative disease, including cancer. When there are problems in the teeth, mouth, or jaw, they can have far reaching negative affects throughout the body. When pathogens, such as bacteria that cause tooth decay, cause a chronic immune mediated inflammatory response this can alter the body's immune system in such a way to allow for diseases to happen anywhere within the body. Poor oral health can also lead to the deterioration of organs or organ complete systems because due to the these various dental factors. Such deterioration, if left unchecked, may even lead to cancer!

One of the first physicians to recognize this fact was the late Dr. Josef M. Issels. Dr. Issels was the first physician to integrate conventional and alternative treatments into a comprehensive treatment program that not only focuses on the cancer cells and tumors but also, with the same importance, on the regulatory, repair and immune mechanisms of the cancer afflicted person as a whole.

In his more than 40 years of treating terminal, end-stage cancer patients, Dr. Issels found that 97% of them had root canals! So convinced was he of the link between root canals and the problems they caused that he would not begin his successful treatments until all root canals had been removed from his patients. 

Dr. Weston Price, DDS, a leading holistic dentist whose research dates back to the early 20th century. Dr. Price was the first dentists to warn of the bacteria that are in and around root canals. According to Dr. Price, the primary bacteria found in root canals include streptococcus, staphylococcus, and spirochetes, all of which can seriously negatively impact your body’s immune system. A weakened immune system, in turn, can cause cancer. In addition, these bacteria, once it enters the blood stream, travels to organs and tissues, causing further harm. 

Rather than acknowledging Dr. Prices pioneering work in this area, the American Dental Association (ADA)... Read The Rest Of The Story Here

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