Thursday, October 18, 2012

Study Results Say To Take Your Vitamins And Prevent Cancer

Vitamins Lower Cancer Risk in Men!
October 18, 2012
By: Dr. Walter K. Crooks, DC, DM (P.), CCCN

In a cancer study that spanned 17 years and included 14,641 male participants who were 50 years of age or over, it was found that men that take multivitamins had a decreased cancer rate of 8% and reduced the deaths associated with cancer by a whopping 12%.
130,000 Lives Potentially Saved!
These numbers a statistically significant, especially knowing that more than 1.6 million new cancer cases are diagnosed in the U.S. each year, this translates into about 130,000 cancers being prevented every year!
The study has been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association to coincide with the Annual American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research meeting.
I can remember the time when MD’s stated for fact that vitamin supplementation does nothing to increase the health of a person unless they have a deficiency, as measured by what they determine a deficiency entails.
Even now there are many MD’s that refuse to accept the fact, a fact that holistic health care providers have known all along, that people are not cloned and exact copies of one another, we are all as varied as the snowflake.
To look at the human as a collection of separate parts that have been assembled, and to treat in that manner is no different than being a auto diagnostician, checking each system of a car and repairing them as they are located.
If people would sit back and think for a second how it is to visit their own doctor they will see a pattern that is usually the same for everyone:
You go in they give you a drug that has been shown to ameliorate your symptoms. If that drug doesn’t do the trick then the MD answers with another drug to try out.
It is what I refer to as the “Spit-Balling” method of health care; meaning let’s shoot stuff at you see what sticks…
That’s not science; heck it’s not even as skilled as your local auto mechanic’s analysis of your vehicle!
It is becoming more and more apparent that the medical community has missed the boat whenever it comes to Chronic Health Conditions such as cancer.
Americans make up 5% of the world’s population, however we consume 47% of all the drugs produced worldwide!
You would think, if you follow the medical establishments propaganda, that we would rank 1st in the world for healthcare!

Well, don’t shoot the messenger but:
The U.S. Ranks 37th In The World!
How can this be the case if we are taking our medications?

Americans Are Very Well Medicated, See For Yourself:

  • 11% of adults aged 18-65 are on 5 medications!
  • 21% of adults aged 18-65 are on 3 medications!
  • 25% of children are on at least one medication!
  • 37% of seniors are on 5 medications!
  • 52% of women in the U.S. are on at least 1 medication!
  • 65% of seniors are on 3 medications!            
  • 90% of all seniors in America are taking at least one medication!

Study after study proves that the Holistic Health Care Model is the true path to living a healthy life.
The holistic, natural and hands on approach to health has as its base a goal of disease prevention!
On the other hand, allopathic, chemically engineered and un-natural “health care” has as it’s base disease management!  (if you would call it that)
A more fitting term for the American health care model would be “Monopolized Sickness Profit Care-less”, a program of keeping us alive but just sick enough and often enough to rely on their chemicals and death causing drugs.
You see no medication really has a side effect.
All Medication Have EFFECTS, Period.
The effect may rid your body of an infection, or the effect of the drug may be that you die……
Take your vitamins!

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