Sunday, October 14, 2012

"Why in the World are They Spraying?" Could Monsanto Gain Financially?

I must admit, whenever I would read a post about someone suggesting that people start to set up seed storage  units in their homes and also water storage systems, I thought they were "Nutbags"!

However, over the past few months, as I have read and watched different things on this subject of global control of our environment/agriculture/life, from these scientist, government officials, and documentary producers, it is apparent, to me, that something is amiss.

The evidence that has been accumulated is overwhelmingly supportive of the facts in this and other films and papers, that someone is spraying something out of airplanes on a daily basis, in vast quantities.

I am no "Tree Hugger" and I think, for the most part, that people like Congressman Dennis Kucinich are socially liberal fools, but even these "fools"  do bring valid concerns to the people.

There should be no question as to my feelings on GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)  food and that it should not be grown, much less consumed by any living, breathing animal.

I have now, after doing my own research of the research, combined with what I have seen and heard from those that are in the "In The Know" positions of society, that there is a collaborative effort to cause our soil to become more and more acidic.

Your first question may be "how?" Well by spraying chemicals and metals such as aluminum, barium and strontium into the atmosphere, under the pretense of cooling the earth, but in fact, these metals, when oxidized as they inevitably do in the soil, cause the pH to change.

Now what would that have to do with GMO crops you may ask. Well, if a soil is naturally at a certain pH  and this is the state that crops must have to grow and thrive,  the pH then becomes altered in a matter of days/weeks/months/years, well those plants that once thrived in a certain type of pH environment will no longer do so.

At that point companies such as Monsanto step in and exclaim "Hey, we just so happen to have some of that plants' seed that just so happens to have been modified to be able to resist aluminum/barium/strontium and other metals and also, by coincidence, thrive in soil with an acidic pH." 

At that point what choice would you have? Company M owns the only seed that lives in the unnatural but predominant soil of the earth and you need to feed your children and let us not forget that you also depend upon the money that is earned by selling your crop, well you are in a position of no choice, you must buy what Company M is selling at a price that Company M has set, a price that the patent owners set without competitive free market control! (Now all together....say it with me....Monopoly!)

You may think I have fallen off the crazy truck, but let me assure you that if you will spend a few hours and peruse the internet for the patents that have been applied for within the US Patent system for seeds that just so happen to grow in this type of soil, a soil that, until the last few decades or so ago, did not exist in the overwhelming majority of the earths surface yet now is becoming more and more the soil of the land, well, in my opinion, you can come to no other conclusion than the following: This is a GREED for NEED of higher PROFIT that is driving the destructive adulteration of the environment with the full support, backing, and in COLLUSION with our own government along with our NATO counterparts. 

Why else would a huge company devise a seed that, at the time in which that seed was developed, would not have been marketable at all,  but lo and behold, 15 or more years later, by some chance evolutionary gaffe, the soil has morphed into the type of soil in which  that particular seed would grow undeterred and the natural crop begins to die off because of the soil's pH!

It is as if companies such as Monsanto had a crystal ball decades ago and could see that the earth would suddenly begin to change her soil's pH, in the process destroying the crops that depended upon that soil, a crop whose seed was once abundantly cheap and without patented ownership!

Due to the exceptional and other-worldly foresight with which these companies were able to predict this unnatural and chaotic shift of soil pH,  Monsanto and others like them,  will be in the position to step in and save the world from famine by offering their patented, profit driven Frankenseed, whose price doesn't depend upon market variants or supply-demand models of free enterprise because the different corporations that own the seed have a monopoly on the raw product, the various crop seed,  that is at the core of the agricultural global market economy. A monopoly fully insured by out government's willing participation.

The Monsanto's of the world will make out like bandits at a expense of our children and their children's children's health.

Please do not allow the greed and power-hungry of the world ruin what God has given to us for our sustenance and livelihood. 
Are we not as the three servants in the Book Of Matthew that were called by their master to take care of His belongings while he was away? Two of the servants did as instructed and nurtured and cared for the gold by investing it for their Master for a profit, whom, upon His return, showed them appreciation for their obediance by offering them a share in His riches.

When the third servant explained that he did not watch after the Masters gold, but instead buried it rendering it unproductive, the Master ordered the servant to be thrown out to the place where the people wail and gnash their teeth.
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